01 Steaks


Dry ageing is the process by which large pieces of meat are aged for several weeks to several months under strictly controlled conditions. This process intensifies the taste of the meat itself and makes it softer to make the steak as tasty as possible.


At least 60 months old cows retired for the purpose of creating a special category of meat VINTAGE BEEF. This category is characterized by a pronounced taste of mature meat enriched with golden yellow tallow obtained exclusively by GRASS FED breeding.


A part that is dedicated to rare cuts, each of which is specific in its own way. Ideal for experimenting. Each steak tells its own story and takes only one place in half a carcass.


Put some smoke on it!

02 Cooking

03 Specialties

Specialties – because we are the only ones that can offer them.

04 Cooked products

Cooked products made without additives and preservatives, exclusively from the meat of animals raised on our farm and carefully selected other ingredients in the meals. All dishes just need to be reheated before consumption and paired with the side dishes of your choice.

05 Custom Butchery

Special requirements and cuts at the customer’s request. Can you challenge us?

06 Tickets