OUR farm

Meat quality every step of the way

The M Brothers provide what conscious consumers demand of meat: safe and healthy food that can be enjoyed and trusted. We believe that the health of the land and animals is crucial for the production of healthy and premium meat. Our animals have never been treated with antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Our meat comes from animals raised on our farm.

On our farm we breed exclusively

Aberdeen Angus cows

Angus is known as a breed that is resistant to bad weather conditions, undemanding, adaptable, calm, with high yield and premium and marbled meat. Angus cows are characterized by ease of calving and the ability to raise calves independently. The famous name “Black Angus”, is one of the most prized meat delicacies and part of the menu of every gourmet. Black Angus is a species of cattle that originated in the northeast of Scotland, and since the 19th century, the breeding of Black Angus has spread throughout the world. The reason for this is the growing demand for Black Angus meat, which is known as one of the foods with the richest nutritional values.

Black Angus meat is very healthy, high quality, juicy and aromatic. Americans, known as great food connoisseurs, like to consume and prepare Black Angus meat by making famous American “steaks” their secret is in the juiciness and tenderness of Black Angus meat. You can order quality meat as a product of controlled and good breeding on our web shop.