Black Angus

Our meat comes from animals raised on a Croatian farm.

Meat quality every step of the way.


OUR farm

On our farm we breed exclusively Aberdeen Angus cows. These animals provide us with offspring forthe fattening phase. Our goal is to maintain control over the entire meat production, which is why we have built a slaughterhouse on our farm where we slaughter only animals from our own breeding.

The M Brothers provide what conscious consumers demand of meat: safe and healthy food that can be enjoyed and trusted. We believe that the health of the land and animals is crucial for the production of healthy and premium meat. Our animals have never been treated with antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Our meat comes from animals raised on our farm.



From now on, you can order any amount of meat on our webshop and we will deliver it to you by courier service (all of Croatia, Slovenia and...

Vintage Beef

From now on, we also offer the Vintage Beef category. Check out our offer!